One of Ani-Mel's philosophies is  

"That no Soul is Broken Beyond Repair"



Precious was first discovered in a high kill shelter in Romania, where she was on deaths door after not eating for days and being severely beaten by numerous people. She was found cowering in a dark corner of a dirty cage with no food or water.

She was given a life line by a volunteer rescue organisation over there.

This is the picture of when she first arrived at the rescue and the first time she had ever known any form of kindness.

This is the picture that stole my heart.

Just look at the face and those eyes, these are what gained her the name Precious.

She had been spayed at 4 weeks old, because nothing had formed she was then thrown in a bag and left to suffocate.

Luckily she was found but in severe shock. 

Precious had to be hand fed for weeks by her rescuers because of her malnourished state. 

She was suffering from severe shock and severe malnutrition.

Seeing daylight properly for the very first time. 

It took along time, alot of patience, understanding and a great deal of TLC to gain her trust completely and bring her round from the broken shell she was. 

It's a hard life learning that not every person leads to pain and fear. We've still along way to go, but for now Precious is quite happy enjoying the loving puppy life she has missed.

3000 Ex Commercial barn hens rescued from slaughter

   Little Neo


Little Neo came to us after he was found suffering from a horrific dog attack.


He had deep cuts all over his head which were infested with maggots, his other injuries were a perforated, infected ear drum, prolapse and other bite marks over his tiny body.


He spent the first night at the vets where his injuries were cleaned and stitched then he came to us.


It was touch and go for the first week or so whether he'd pull through as he was very weak and showed signs of neurological damage.


Over time and after speaking to the vet who treated him, it became obvious he wouldn't be able to be re released back into the wild.


I looked at getting him neutered so he could live with my other two resident foxes but we felt due to his brain injury he'd most probably cope better on his own.

We therefore had a purpose built enclosure made especially for him and with time, patience and plenty of Ani-Mel TLC he continues to make amazing progress.


He'll never physically recover fully from his terrifying ordeal but at least now he can live his life happily pain free and safe from harm and also get to know that not all humans are hateful and cruel.


The human race could learn soo much from nature about alot of life struggles including determination to overcome even the hardest hurdles. The only thing needed is for everyone to just open their eyes aswel as their hearts.

Neos story has recently hit the Newspapers.